Why Us

Our team has more than 25 years of combined experience in both software engineering and IT management. This experience has been transformed into processes, training, and communications that yield highly performing RPA software development teams. We not only deliver the finest quality but the best process to our customers.

Get Benefits Of Using Latest Artificial Intelligence Technologies

  • Complete Technology Partner
  • Backed By 100% Customer References
  • Fast, Scalable, & Reliable
  • The Emerging Tech Experts

Enhancing, Not Replacing, Human Jobs

  • Higher Revenue
  • Improved Monitoring
  • Lower Cost
  • Fast Implementation
  • Greater Efficiency
  • Better Safety

Know More What Robots Can Do

  • Robots multiply the human capabilities and eliminate possibilities errors
  • Robots can be in uncharted territories where human limits end

our mission

N10 TechnoSoft sole mission is to make a relaxed and stable life for folks, where they can enrich and consume their skills in a dynamic manner to acquire anticipated grades.

our team

Adithya Kumar

- Founder, CEO

Manoj Mishra

- Co-Founder, COO

Zeel Devadhara

- Co-Founder, CCO