Designing, Developing, Managing and Delivering technology solutions

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Services We Provide

Business Process Automation

We help you identify routine activites and automate them using technology to improve efficiency & reduce costs.

Process Optimization Consulting

Improve the processes within your business to boost the speed and effectiveness of every process.

Mobile Applications

Multi-Platform app development with a tendency towards machine learning and AI.

Browser and Desktop Apps

Detailed SaaS based or Private server applications, Smart Applications.

about us

N10 TechnoSoft is an Automation Solutions Company with deep roots in process automation, systems integration, data innovation and a Software development company. In the race to outpace digital transformation, we help the world’s leading brands solve problems fast and transform for tomorrow. At N10 TechnoSoft we’re on a journey to help organizations everywhere Build a Better IT.

Our Objectives

Increase Operational Efficiency

Automatiing Modules & End to End Process

Decrease Overhead & Recurring Expenses

Leaner Operational Model

Reduce TAT by 200%

Reduce Error-rate by 98%-100%

Solution runs 24x7 with 100% accuracy

Detailed Error Handling

Alleviate FTE dependency & Core interfacing projects

Automate redundant rule-based processes to reduce human resource waste

Streamline dependent intra-organization departments for Collateral benefits

Introduce digital employees to reduce stress on administrative departments



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